Friday, November 4, 2011

Soap of the day - Lillac

Lillac - $5 a bar + postage

I love making this soap - both because I like the smell and blue is one of my favourite colours. As I've pointed out before I never know what wonderful patterns are going to show up throughout the soap - these two photos are taken from just a few bars apart, and already the difference in the pattern is remarkable!

This is why no two bars of soap are ever exactly the same!

Lillac - $5 a bar + postage

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soap porn!

One of the great joys about making soap is the interesting and often surprising patterns that turn up inside your soap.

Rose Soap

This is called "soap porn" - I kid you not!

Some essential oils and essences can change the colour of the soap, as can botanicals, such as Lavender.

Lavender Soap

Of course, we also add colours to most of our soaps. We only use natural colours, such as oxides that come from the earth, or colours that have come from plants.

HeMan Soap

All our soaps are now 100% saponified olive oil, scented using essential oils. Each long lasting bar is $5 - buy 10 at a time and recieve free postage Australia wide!

Grapefruit Soap