Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The story of the toothbrushes

Here's the story - Ever since we moved in here, 4 years ago, the bath tub drain has blocked so that when we have a shower the bath fills with water. I've always felt guilty about this, assuming it was hair that clogged the drain, especially now that Zoe is growing her hair as well.

Yesterday I got a bit angry at it, and, after I had washed my hair and had a bath tub half full of water that wasn't going anywhere, I grabbed the plunger and had at it.

I used a slightly different plunging method to what I usually do, pushing down hard, thrusting the plunger in then pulling it quickly all the way out of the water before thrusting again.... (hmmm, does that sentense sound a little sus to you?)

Suddenly something green appeared, and disapeared again before I could grab it. I plunged again, ready this time, and grabbed it as it appeared above the plug hole.

It was a tooth brush!

Another couple of plunges and a yellow handle appeared - another toothbrush!

I thought I saw another, but a clear grey handle, so I wasn't sure it wasn't just a spurt of water. All the water was now gone, so I was satisfied.

I told Zoe, and showed her the toothbrushes. Delighted she put water in the bath and plunged away, soon to be rewarded with the third (and hopefully last) toothbrush!

It would seem that the people who lived here before let their child clean his teeth in the bath. I wonder if the mother knew where his toothbrushes disapeared to, or if it was a mystery?

The water no longer collects around our feet while we shower. All is right with the world!

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  1. It was a very Xfile moment. Living things raising their beastly heads out of the bath plug hole.