Monday, January 17, 2011

The Queensland Floods - and soap

You'd expect a lot of lather, wouldn't you?

Actually, the soap has come in very handy. I had a lot on hand, so much of it went into boxes and was delivered to people who needed it. Not just people who were living in evacuation centres, but the people who volunteered to clean up. They were very icky after long days shovelling mud, and I thought that they would like some nice homemade soap to help them get clean again. It was very well recieved!

We have also been selling soap to raise money for the Premiers Flood Appeal. So far we have sold...

4 Bars of Beer Soap = $20

2 bars of Cranberry Soap = $10

2 bars of Sensitive Skin Soap = $10

2 bars of Castile Soap = $10

2 bars of Rose Soap = $10

2 bars of Green Tea = $10

(I'm over the pictures, so just the facts, mam)

2 bars of Apple Pie = $10

1 Banana Cake = $5

1 Lemon Myrtle = $5

1 Goats Milk and Honey = $5

1 Kaffir Lime = $5

1 Dog Soap = $5

Total so far = $105 (unless I've added it up wrong)

If you would like to help, please go to - at the moment 100% of my store is being donated, and I'd like to keep going with that, but might have to drop it to 50% soon, otherwise I won't be able to eat next week!

If you would like to help but don't need soap, and search for "Brisbane Flood" and that should bring up all the listings.

Thank you to both BrisStyle and the Australian Flood Relief for their help on Etsy, selling for this great cause.

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