Monday, June 13, 2011

You want us to eat what now?

Question: Why do we see adverts on TV telling us to drink milk and eat meat? Do they feel we have to be convinced that it's good for us?

We see ads telling us that "Lamb is good". Milk ads bombard us. Recently women have been told to "embrace your creamy treats" in an ad for cream cheese. Interesting that their focus group is women. I'm sure men eat them too - but I guess women are still in charge of buying the groceries.

While they are pushing products full of fat and cholesterol, we are being told by health professionals to cut back. Do we listen to the TV or do we listen to our doctors? Too often we are swayed by what it on TV instead.

Since giving up all animal products I feel fitter, my skin looks so good that people are commenting on it, I have so much energy that what use to be troublesome chores are now pleasurable activity and I'm losing weight.

How can any of those things be bad?

So why do we see the ads in the first place? If these things are bad for us, why are they pushing them?

Ohhh, there's a term! "Pushing"! Where else do we hear this term? Drug pushers!

There is no doubt that there is a similarity between a creamy cheesecake and drugs - both make you feel good, at least for a little while, and both do your body harm!

Enough said. Don't pay attention to the ads. Think for yourself instead!

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