Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vision in Voice

Ooops! Almost forgot!

You HAVE to see this!


It's a new choir for people who are visually impaired, started by my choir leader, Jane. Josh is a member of my choir who is visually impaired and Jane was so impressed by his ability to quickly memorise words and music, including some pretty complicated harmonies, she came up with the idea of Vision in Voice.

Staying on the topic of singing, but moving away from VIV for a moment, I'm performing with two choirs over Christmas. One of them, my usual choir, MorningSong (http://www.morningsong.com.au) has been asked to sing in Queen Street Mall in the centre of Brisbane - and we are being paid for it, which is a new concept for me. I'm use to paying to be IN choirs, not being paid to sing!

I kind of like the idea...


  1. I listened and it's beautiful, good luck with the Queens St Mall gig too !

  2. Thank you, I'll pass that on to the Vision in Voice choir! I'll let you know when we have dates and times for our singing as well.