Saturday, October 31, 2009

More about dog training

People seem interested in how Gem was trained, and I mentioned the clicker, so I thought I'd do more on that.

In fact, I thought I'd do a whole website on it.

At the moment I have the front page done and the page about clickers. I'll soon be adding the basic house training and household maners, and then basic tricks and advanced tricks. It will be, like this blog, a work in progress, as I don't think that Gem will ever stop learning.

The weather has been against me though. Every time I have the opertunity to take photos, it's overcast. But we need the rain, so it's all good. I'll just add more photos to the site as I get them. At the moment it's full of Gem's baby photos! And that's good too, because she was a cute puppy!

The URL is and here is a photo of Gem as a baby being as cute as only puppies can be!

And yes - she did grow into those ears!!!

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