Monday, May 10, 2010

Healthy cooking - with puff pastry!

I've discovered that you can turn a meal from "oh yeah" to "WOW!" by simply wrapping it up in puff pastry.

It's also a wonderful way to hide healthy ingredients from those who might otherwise refuse to eat them.

Last night I made curry puffs. I'm not a fan of curry puffs. I usually find the filling either over spiced, or - to be frank - rancid. However, I have been trying to get sweet potato (yam) and pumpkin into Zoe, and, the sweet soup of the night before being a total disaster, decided that a more spicy alternative might be acceptable.

I cooked some onion and garlic in a little olive oil until clear, added the sweet potato and pumpkin (butternut) both cut very small and stirred for a minute before adding a little chicken stock and pepper. No salt because the stock had salt in it already. I added a very small level teaspoon of curry powder.

When the pumpkin and potato were soft (only a few minutes because I cut them small) I added some lentils and a little more stock. (amounts depend on how many you have to feed). I also put some parsley in it, because I had some.

I kept an eye on it so it wouldn't stick, and when the lentils were almost cooked I added some corn flour to thicken.

Then I took it off the stove.

Puff pastry I buy frozen. I might like to cook, but I don't want to go that far! I took two slices of it out of the freezer and waited until they defrosted. Then I cut each one in 4, to make 4 squares.

I put a few spoonfuls into each square, wiped around the edges with milk, and put another 4 squares on top. Then I pressed down around the edges with my fingers, making a pretty squishy patter, brushed milk over the top, and cooked until the puff pastry was puffy and golden.

They got a 10 out of 10! Best of all, I had more of the filling left over so I could make another two of them for lunch today.

PS. If you don't have lentils, or you don't like them, you could leave them out, or add peas instead. If you need to bulk the dish out you could add carrots and parsnips. Stay away from white potatoes though, they are high GI.

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