Monday, May 10, 2010

Raw Foods

Raw Foods are surprisingly delicious.

They also take longer to eat!

A raw salad of carrot, beans, corn, capsicum (bell pepper), celery and sprouts is full of all the things you need, with no bad fats or sugars.

You sit there, munching away, thinking "wow, I didn't know that carrot was so sweet!" and learning that celery is crunchy, and mung bean sprouts are nutty, and sweet corn raw is just as good, if not better, then when it's cooked.

Add an apple for dessert and you have a happy tummy. It also is a much better natural detox then anything you can buy in a box!

I've also added raw unsalted nuts for a snack once a day. Unfortunately I have a faint but annoying peanut allergy (also raw peas) so I stay away from them. But raw almonds are wonderful and so are pipittas (not sure how to spell that - pumpkin seeds). When I can afford to I'm going to get some walnuts and hazelnuts to add to the collection.

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