Sunday, May 23, 2010


May I have a drink please?

We are told that we should drink water. And we use to be told that we should drink a lot of water.

By our mums, 8 glasses of water a day (what size glass?). Others said, 2 litres.

But apparently the best thing to do is the most obvious. You drink when you are thirsty.

Think about it. Some people are bigger, some are smaller. Some people live in hot countries, some in cold countries. Some people are active, some aren't. Everyone has different needs.

But on average a human loses about 2 litres of fluid a day, and it has to be replaced.

But you don't have 4 cups of tea, a cup of coffee, two glasses of cordial and THEN two litres of water. You have two litres of fluid.

Water is the fluid of choice for health. It has no sugar, so it won't rot your teeth. It has no calories, so it won't help make you fat. It may or may not have traces of things our governments think are healthy for us (so maybe you avoid tap water) but we trust the government, right? (LOL!)

To sum it up, we need to replace the fluid we lose. So if you drink enough during the day to produce about 1.6 litres of light coloured urine you are probably doing the right thing.

If you are thirsty, go have a glass of water.

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