Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thickening stuff

If you want to thicken soups and stews there is nothing better then cornflour. Just make sure it's not "wheaten" cornflour.

When mixed with room temperature water (or milk) cornflour desolves easily, and then when mixed with the hot soup stock or stew it will start to thicken immediately. Make sure you are stirring constantly and the most important thing is to keep stirring until the flour is cooked, not just until whatever you are cooking is thicker.

You can use it as a pudding too. Heat milk (don't boil) and flavour it with your choice of flavouring - vanilla, a cut up banana, some berries, a little sugar or honey - then thicken with cornflour as per my suggestion. Serve hot or cold.

Yum :)

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